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CPSM Study Guide – How To Pass The CPSM Exams

PASS the CPSM / CSM Exams In 30 Days

Using this CPSM Study Guide

I passed the CPSM Exams in less than 30 days using the methods and strategies explained in this CPSM Study Guide. All supply chain professionals deserve the opportunity to achieve the certification so they can maximize their resume and proclaim they are a supply chain management professional!

Some may question whether or not it is feasible to pass the exam with less than 30 days of preparation time. Surprisingly it is! For those who attend the CPSM Training Boot Camp there will be thorough training into the SRTAP method of preparation. For those who cannot attend, we have provided the strategy we used to prepare candidates for success in this CPSM Study Guide.

supply leaders are able to pass …

When I pursued the CPSM certification, I was making a career transition from the military; focused on finding an occupation. I had very little time to dedicate to studying for certification. I understood that a CPSM certificate under my belt would speak to my experience and credentials in logistics and supply chain management earned in the military. Obtaining a CPSM certification would tell the world that I was a quality supply chain leader, which is a significant achievement for anyone in supply chain management. Using the techniques and study methods explored in this CPSM Study Guide, supply leaders are able to pass easier and faster than others seeking the certification.

For that reason I was determined not only to help myself, but help others, demonstrate professional skills with a CPSM / CSM certification. In organizing and creating this book, I was determined to help make certification as easy as possible for those who were truly experienced and prepared. These are the same methods of preparation we instruct and teach each of our attendees in depth at the CPSM Boot Camp. If you are among the many that cannot join us at one of our Boot Camps, we share with you our study strategies to help you become the successful and valuable professional you seek to be to potential employers all over the world.

Sitting for the CPSM / CSM test requires time to prepare for the exams and time to take the exam at the testing center. Our professional and personal lives constantly invoke demands that distract us from answering the CPSM exam questions or CSM exam questions. Most of us have the experience and ability to pass the exams, but lack the time required to properly prepare. Therefore, we need to commit to success then develop a plan to achieve results.

The SRTAP method of preparation

The best way to achieve results is to decide the CPSM / CSM certification is for you and commit to doing whatever it takes to achieve this goal. We recommend a 30 day preparation plan. For those who attend the CPSM / CSM Boot Camp there will be thorough training into the SRTAP method of preparation. For those who cannot attend, we have provided the strategy we used to prepare candidates for success.

Plan…and repeat!

STUDY the information on the exam.
REVIEW your notes and any additional material which can help you further understand the concepts in supply management which you are unfamiliar with.
TEST your understanding with practice exams. Using online diagnostic testing provided by the Institute for Supply Management, you can
ANALYZE and pinpoint the information you know and what you need to study further.  PLAN your study efforts so that you can maximize your study time.

Focusing on the information that you do not know can help you study the materials that you will need to succeed on the exam. With a 30 day window of study time it is important for you to make every minute count! Therefore you should plan time out of your busy schedule to dedicate to studying and honing in on all your supply management skills that you might not use on an everyday basis.

realize these benefits…

The 30 day preparation method for the CPSM / CSM exam provides the structure for a person who is determined to earn the certification. Others who use a method that is longer than 30 days end up using the same amount of study time over a longer period of time. Candidates who want to get it done in less than 30 days will realize these benefits using our methods:

– Structured approach to the study materials
– A clear understanding of what areas need immediate attention
– Specific plan to achieve success
– The confidence required to be successful

This CPSM Study Guide E-book practically cost nothing compared to the cost of not achieving the CPSM / CSM certification. These methods and strategies enabled me to achieve the CPSM / CSM certification in less than 30 days.

Imagine how your life would change if you earned this the most prestigious credential in the supply management industry.

  • Financially, CPSM certified professionals earn 23% more than those that are not certified according to ISM.
  • Professionally, you will have achieved a certification unmatched by any other professional credential in the supply management industry.
  • Organizationally, the knowledge gained from preparing for the exam will help your company achieve high profits and remain competitive in the current market

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