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Exactly About Latina Clothing Line Empowers Women

Exactly About Latina Clothing Line Empowers Women

Rachel Gomez appears by a rack of her clothes inside her Viva Los Angeles Bonita warehouse in San Fernando on Nov. 15. Picture credit: Shae Hammond

San Fernando Valley resident Rachel Gomez understood there was clearly a not enough Latina representation into the fashion industry. She pointed out that not just have there been were no brands that targeted Latina females, but the majority importantly, there have been no brands that empowered them.

For this reason Gomez chose to produce her brand that is own in hopes of shutting this tradition space. She arrived up utilizing the concept of a streetwear clothes brand name called Viva Los Angeles Bonita, a line where Latinas feel at ease in their own epidermis and identification.

“The notion of Viva Los Angeles Bonita https://ukrainianbrides.us/mail-order-brides is a brandname that encourages you to definitely be happy with your self, does not make a difference where you result from or exactly what your tale is or just just what you’ve experienced, ” Gomez said.

The thought of the relative line started in 2012, but Viva Los Angeles Bonita’s way to success had been rocky.

Gomez worked over 50 hours an at a tillys in burbank week. She couldn’t quit her retail task during the time since it economically supported her household, and she had been the only real user who’d a well-paying work.

During her times off or after finishing up work, she’d work with the Viva Los Angeles Bonita brand it doesn’t matter how tired she had been. Initially, she had problems linking because of the community. Nearly 3 years in to the brand name, she’d upload each and every day on social media marketing and wouldn’t have solitary purchase. Gomez doubted by by herself, however the help of her fiance, Fredo Tovar, her household, and her intent behind the brand name kept her going. She knew it absolutely wasn’t likely to be a easy course, but she persisted, and from time one Tovar has thought in and supported her efforts.

Gomez recalls him telling her: “I’m sure you truly desire this, we understand you’re a truly difficult worker and I also understand you’re going to make it work, therefore I have actually the back because i understand you deserve it. I think we are gonna render this happen. In you and”

Her household, particularly her grandmother, Margarita Sanchez Duran, didn’t realize the function for the brand in the beginning. Gomez was raised in a conventional immigrant family and shared with her grandmother she desired to quit her work to offer tees, but all Sanchez Duran comprehended was Gomez wished to stop her job.

As soon as Gomez had a much better knowledge of her brand’s direction, she surely could explain it her grandmother completely. This resulted in her grandmother to completely comprehend and support her granddaughter; Sanchez Duran also wore a red tie-dye top through the brand name in a recently available Instagram tale Gomez posted on Nov. 17.

Family plays a part that is big it comes down to her brand name. Gomez was raised Spanglish that is speaking English and Spanish words are combined, that has been just exactly just how her grandfather Pedro Duran talked, too. She implements quotes that are spanglish the brand name, like “Mujeres are secret, ” “Be The Cabrona Que No Se Dejo” and “Allergic to Pendejadas, ” which led females to get in touch with all the brand name.

“Because for the authenticity among these quotes and exactly how natural, females began to connect with the brand name more, ” Gomez stated.

Viva Los Angeles Bonita presently has significantly more than 200,000 followers on Instagram, and also the follower count keeps growing due to the fact brand gets to be more well understood.

Gomez feels the journey is very very long, and errors have actually led her to find the brand out as it’s today. She envisions the brand’s proceeded growth inside the next 5 years and traveling more using their pop-ups in the U.S. She really wants to keep a legacy for folks to pursue their ambitions and help each other in unveiling their miracle.

“We were placed right here to call home our life. Don’t live life like it is permanent because life is short-term so we are merely right here for a lot of time, ” Gomez stated. “Help individuals as you go along and encourage you to definitely rely on their magic. ”

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